Touching In…

tumblr_mgfjws5lqe1qa4bk9o1_500Some highlights of these past months: I kissed a woman romantically… briefly. It was sweet. We have a new roommy we like very much. The two are not the same woman. I’ve had a few dates with a fellow recently. That is to say I had dates with Remus as usual, but also with someone else entirely. Remus approved. I had fun. I may do it again. I may not. I’m sure that there was far more fun to describe, but I will save it for later…

Life here in Shannee-ville is good. Yep. I’ve been silent on my blog. Did you notice? Probably not, but if you did, I want you to know that life is good. I’d have written so many countless times. I can’t tell you how many times in the past year, I’ve laughed over something Remus or I did or thought steamy thoughts, composing in my mind. Only I didn’t have time and then I’d get tired and fall asleep before the composing every made it to a page. Words got lost in the haze of exhaustion that came with trying to work again after college. I don’t know that I’ve found any erudite or intoxicating words again yet, but I’m here and thinking, and loving my life. I love my life very much, and Remus quite a bit too…


All’s Quiet…

tumblr_lxpadhqm4P1r33gvho1_500…on the homefront and I rather like it that way. I woke the other morning and watched thick grey and  white wispy clouds dancing with the moon. That nearly full moon, so bright in the sky, put rainbows up and backlit those ever changing shapes, or sometimes disappearing for some moments. The limbs of the trees around my window danced in the light winds that were pushing the clouds around at even greater speeds up there. It was quite mesmerizing to watch. I lay there at least an hour before dawn began to lighten the sky. Made me smile.

Later, I got up and walked on the Snake Mountain trail with my sexy man. We stopped in the woods and ate apples, enjoying how quiet it was there. Occasionally others enjoying a more rigorous hike than I am yet up to, walked on by with holiday greetings, their dogs joyful at the whole-family outing they were being included in. When we headed toward home, we stopped to see a flock of snow geese enjoying a field before wending their slow way south. I watched a few fly over the flock now and then. What graceful birds they are. Such are my kind of holiday moments.

I am looking ahead, pondering starting a business that I can continue from the road, since my man and I plan to travel in a few years. In the meantime I’m earning some cash for repaying student loans come spring. It is good to be busy physically, rather than mentally. There is restfulness in doing simple things and getting paid to do them. When I go home, I go home. I have no major investment beyond doing the job I was hired to do well enough to keep people happy and my body healthy. It’s nice to earn money and no responsibilities.


I wrote a wish list for things erotic in the coming year. It will be interesting to see if I can cross them all off the list:

  • Complete my erotica book
  • Fly in rope
  • Make love with a girl
  • Inspire submission from a sweet lady
  • Some nice outdoor down and dirty with my wonderful partner

Have you got any kinky wishes for the new year?