Fun, Fun, Fun

tumblr_mn1p8rauXt1rrgft7o1_500I begin my college residency tomorrow. I am so excited! I love the intellectual/creative community of it. I love all the writing workshops too. It’s a writer’s heaven! I’m rapidly finishing up some stuff I hadn’t completed before, which I hoped to have done or nearly done before residency. It is satisfying to see that work so near completion. I’m packing up my library books to return to the college library, collecting my wardrobe for the week and trying to clean up after myself as I go. I don’t want to leave Remus with a mess while I’m gone.

Speaking of Remus, I shall miss him. I wish I could could pack him up under my arm and take him along. I know he’d be bored mindless though. He loves to read my writing, but he’s bored mindless with the entire idea of literature, unless I can somehow show him that it mattered in the world and politics as we know them today. He’d rather read the newspaper. Nothing wrong with that. I am going to get a literary companionship fix though. A really good dose and I can’t wait!!

I bet you can’t tell I’m excited…. 🙂

He Loves Me

The clock of my life tumblr_n8sc85Zgzb1tg1t2ko1_500
gives joy so naturally,
but none so bright
as each time
he says to me, “My Sweetness…”

© 2015