Erotic Naive Art

Naive art is a fairly new concept to me, but not a new passion. I didn’t know the name of it until recently, but I have long loved the art of Susan Seddon Boulet, for example. As I would describe it, in naive art, there’s a quality of the surreal about it, the spiritual, the comic, and the bestial or primitive, but the overarching quality is desire. Not a sophisticated one, but a simple desire. The emphasis of these qualities in the art, really depends on the personality and intent of the artist, just like anything else. If you want to understand it further, here’s a wiki.

In any case, I became curious today about erotic naive art. Here’s a bit of what turned up after a brief Google search. Seeing what I found below and what else I found made me feel excited to write about it and share it. I hope you enjoy this small sampling of  Erotic Naive Art:

Here’s “Passion For Bride and Groom” by Walther Schaldemose:


His work is rather fascinating. If you are intrigued, here’s a post on his work.

Here’s something from Boris Posavec called “Bathing Beauties: Oil on Glass”,  which I find such an interesting name, as if he can’t decide if women’s beauty and their reflections in his emotions is a good or bad thing:


If you explore this type of art further, you’ll find the most primitive of emotions and desires explored in thorough ways. Henry Rousseau is such an artist. He did a whole series of art on “Beauty and the Beast.” :


Then there’s Pavil Hajko who paints unabashedly about lusty cocks:

moj stastny den

My search amused me. I hope it did you too. Mostly it gave me a chance to type a bit more and to collect some art, which I sure do love to do.

Love Shannee…