Anticipating Our First Kiss

Dear Remus…


Once upon a time, there was Nymphadora and then there was Remus.
Actually its the reverse, since Remus is a little the elder,
but, hey, in a literary sense, Nymphadora arrived once upon a time sooner.

We chose to be play partners, so titillation and then romance
and, of course, love arose.

Here’s a post from the day after our first date:

In Anticipation of KissingHappy Anniversary Beloved…


Early 2011

A Peek Into The Past

A Peek Into Early 2011

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To a Poetic Mentor

To A Poetic Mentor





One I Wrote, One I Didn’t

One I Wrote, One I Didn't

Newsy Sorta Posting…

Newsy Sorta Posting...



I Wrote A Bad Poem…

I Wrote A Bad Poem