Today’s Fantasy

Once upon a time I wrote erotica very frequently. Mostly I don’t write any these days. Today I woke with the urge to write some…mostly I woke with the urge to experience the fantasy that vividly filled my mind. Remus figured largely in it. It was consuming and I text him for permission to get out a toy.

“Come here girl.”

I walked over. He pulled me tightly against him, my belly against his rapidly hardening cock. Threading his fingers into my hair, he pulls up and tilts back, bringing my mouth into reach comfortably. My pelvic bone now against his cock which is far harder. Aroused, I press against him and watch his mouth lower to mine. He suckles my lips and tongue deliciously, kissing me with passion and love. I’m melting and clutching at him to hold myself up. Smiling he looks at my impassioned face and orders me to “Strip.”

I do.

Hooking his finger into the loop of my collar, he tugs me along to the massage table.

“Get up there.”

I do.

Leaning over me for another kiss, he asks me if I”m comfortable. I nod yes and shiver with anticipation. Taking my hand, he lifts my index finger to his mouth and suckles it. “Use that to diddle your clit. I want to watch you cum.”

I do, moaning, watching his face the whole time.

“Keep going my cunt…”

“Yes Sir.” I rub another orgasm off while he rummages out of sight in the toy bag.

“Open your cunt for me my cunt.”

I do.

He plunges a toy into me, forcing it into my not yet wet pussy. The entrance sends a rush of intense arousal that clutches the whole front of my body and I burst into orgasm.

Smiling…”Good girl.”

“Now make that cunt wet for me. I want to fuck you when you’re wet with cum. I’ll be right back.”

Off he walks. I’m forlorn, but determine to make him happy about getting his cunt wet enough to be enjoyable. I rub my clit and plunge that toy and have as many orgasms as I can so I’ll be nice and wet for him.

Ten minutes later, he’s not back yet. My arm is getting  just a little tired, but I keep doing whatever it takes to make myself slick with cum. I’m just rubbing off another one when he returns with a cup of coffee in hand. Sipping, he watches me a few minutes, smiling.

I rub and plunge more orgasms while he watches, feeling slicker and slicker.

Reaching over, he brushes my hands away from my groin. I relax my shoulders, panting, hands on my belly, watching him. He pulls the toy almost out of me and jams it back in harshly. I cum again…then he settles into a rhythm for a few minutes, making me cum and watching my face and my tits jiggling with his thrusts and my orgasms.

Awhile later, he lets me relax again by abruptly yanking the toy out of me. “Here’s a lollipop for you girl.”

Taking the hint, I begin to lick and suckle the toy clean for him, while he watches avidly….and he runs his fingers through the juices around the outside of my pussy. He rubs the wetness over my clit, watching me cum while I suck the toy clean. When I’m done, he kisses me again, plunging his tongue deep, running around my mouth, to taste me. “Mmm…I love to kiss a woman who tastes like pussy.”

I smile sheepishly and say, “Yes Sir..”

Then his fingers plunge in me and he spends the next ten or fifteen minutes making me squirt while I thank him profusely for each orgasm, my voice thick with desire. When the sheet on the massage table is slick with my cum, he says he’s finally satisfied with how wet his cunt is.

“Finally, my cunt is satisfactory. Give me a back rub and keep your legs wide open for me while I use my cunt.”

He climbs on the table, placing his arms to hold my tits up so they look delicious and jiggle arousingly for him. I begin to rub his shoulders and obligingly open my legs. In he plunges.

When he wants me to cum on his cock, he goes slowly, building orgasms and watching my face and all my signals to be sure he’s giving as much pleasure as possible. Slower orgasms are more sating for me. He does this when he wants me wetter or when he wants to reward me.

When he is using me, he drives his cock into me hard and harsh from the first plunge and only slows or stops to change position or give me a chance to breathe. It causes me to orgasm so intensely, I can’t move or breathe. I just clench on him. Fisting up around him makes a tighter hole for him to fuck. He does this when it’s only his own pleasure he’s interested in.

I’ve had all the pleasure he intends to give me. I’m slick and ready and he’s only intent on his own orgasm. I could be a flesh light or a love doll except the love in his eyes and the desire for me is radiating from his intense gaze. He moans happily over his back rub as my hands find sore muscles. I keep my legs open despite cumming harder by the instant and let him use me for his own orgasm.

He pounds me, murmuring how much he loves pounding his cunt…his wet, juicy cunt…”I love my cunt… MY cunt.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you for using me Sir.”

Resting against my body a moment, he enjoys my rubbing and the feel of my breasts under his chest, softly rubbing himself around in my cunt, enjoying the fact that I’m leaving my legs wide for him, using my knees to relax his shoulders.

I can feel his cock swelling as he thinks about my submissiveness and in a moment, he raises himself up and begins to pound me again. I keep rubbing him and fisting his cock with my cunt and wait for him to fuck himself to orgasm.

Awhile later he does, moaning and grimacing with his pleasure. I thank him profusely for cumming in me and wrap my legs around him to hug him, still rubbing his back. He relaxes on my body again, biting my shoulder lazily.

Kissing me, he rolls off me and the table a few minutes later. “Up wench. Get me a cloth and let me lay down.”

I get up, pulling the wet sheet and wiping the table up with the dry parts so he can lay down. When he’s settled in, I turn, dripping down my legs with our cum, to get him a wet cloth. Still dripping, I wash him first; his hand, his cock. When he’s satisfied he’s clean, I hand him his coffee and kiss him, thanking him again for my orgasms and for being used. I wash myself thoroughly, smiling.

I came lot’s with this fantasy…

I didn’t take the time to edit this, so please forgive whatever mistakes there were as you read. 🙂


I obtained permission to cum today.

My fantasy was of a woman between my legs…

…and when I came, my thoughts were of Remus between my legs.

It’s good to cum.

I’ve reported in a text to Remus, as is our ritual. He likes to know how long it takes me to cum…

Before I could fuck myself though, I remembered that Remus’s work shirts needed to come out of the dryer. I ran down, tossed them into a basket, ran back to hang them up. No wrinkles thankfully.

As soon as they were safely stowed away, I was plunging in the toy. I worked one toy and my clit and then switched to another. I fucked myself interchangeably with them for a while and then let the orgasm wash over me. It felt so good.

It really felt good to cum.

Still laconic. Going to sit in the sun. Maybe I’ll take the sheets and towels off the line and wait for Remus to come home.

Remus coming home always makes me smile.

An aside…He bit me today at lunch before returning to work. He knows that makes me intensely hot.

I’m sure it was no surprise that I wanted to cum afterward.

Remus coming home really does always make me smile.

I’m grateful to live with him. He’s such a blessing.