cropped-botanicals-_three_peonies.jpgWe accept guest submissions here at Poetic Radiances. We welcome photos, articles, memoir and erotic flash or short serial fiction. We are looking for the jazzy, the elegant, the ethereal, even something puzzling and mysterious. We are not interested in reading merely of cocks and holes, unless you can do it in a truly compelling way. Erotic fiction should have some plot and be artsy. Video and GIF file submissions that are X-rated are welcome, but would appear only at our Tumblr Radiances blog. This WordPress blog is only rated R. We would, of course, link from here and from all social media outlets associated with that blog. All content will be credited and marked as a guest post, but that can only happen if you have a WordPress user account. It’s easy to sign up for. You may link to your own site from your post, but you must reciprocate.

For writing submissions, please email submissions using either Google Sheets or Microsoft Word file types. I prefer Google Sheets. Include any images you’d like to use in your post, in a separate attachment. It must be your original artwork. Media files must be in WordPress approved file extensions.

We do not have a video upgrade for this blog, but you can link a video from Youtube or Vimeo easily enough. We accept previously published content, but it must be updated to make it fresh. You must link to the original publication.

If your content is accepted, you may be asked to make edits for length, errors and confusing story elements. You will be asked to create a post from your WordPress Editor. We will make formating changes from there to fit our template and style without changing the content or context of your post.

Fiction, memoir and articles are limited to 12oo words, unless otherwise negotiated.

All artists/writers must have a WordPress profile. Upon publication of your post, you will be responsible for responding tastefully to all correspondence (approving comments and responding to them) on your post and encouraging friendly discourse.

If you would like to submit, please do not use the comment form below. Please email us at poeticradiance at gmail dot com.

We'd love to hear from you, so dance your fingers across your keyboard!

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