tumblr_mgfjws5lqe1qa4bk9o1_500Some highlights of these past months: I kissed a woman romantically… briefly. It was sweet. We have a new roommy we like very much. The two are not the same woman. I’ve had a few dates with a fellow recently. That is to say I had dates with Remus as usual, but also with someone else entirely. Remus approved. I had fun. I may do it again. I may not. I’m sure that there was far more fun to describe, but I will save it for later…

Life here in Shannee-ville is good. Yep. I’ve been silent on my blog. Did you notice? Probably not, but if you did, I want you to know that life is good. I’d have written so many countless times. I can’t tell you how many times in the past year, I’ve laughed over something Remus or I did or thought steamy thoughts, composing in my mind. Only I didn’t have time and then I’d get tired and fall asleep before the composing every made it to a page. Words got lost in the haze of exhaustion that came with trying to work again after college. I don’t know that I’ve found any erudite or intoxicating words again yet, but I’m here and thinking, and loving my life. I love my life very much, and Remus quite a bit too…


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