tumblr_mxksv8orB81srzaeoo1_500I first started blogging when I had a profile on Adult Friend Finder. It was in 2005 and I was a horny, polyamorous married chick, hunting casual sex in hopes of finding some nice poly relationships. I had quite a following of horny dudes on AFF. It made for good fucking. When I found a relationship that consumed my time and energies enough, I’d wander away from AFF.

Early on, as a poly lady, I didn’t know much about keeping a long-term poly relationship. I focused over-much on the sex, but I still wanted love. Needless to say, my emphasis was on the wrong thing. Inevitably I’d end up blogging on AFF again using smutty writing to lure a lover. If I could remember my user name from last time, I’d use the same blog and profile. If not, I’d end up with a new one. After a year of that, I realized how much I loved blogging and I how tired I was of the AFF/casual sex thing. I got myself a real blog on blogger (“Honestly Speaking”) and focused on real polyamory. That was fun and it was enlightening on many levels, not the least of which was as a writer. I learned I could write interesting content and not just smut with which to lure a lover.

On “Green RootsDown,” I journaled of my experiences with polyamory and I found myself within a community of people who were interested in tantra, polyamory and BDSM. I got my heart broken a few times and I talked it all out on my blog, much to the fascination of my readers. I grew as a person, got better at polyamory and I became a better writer too. Not a great one. I’m still too messy a writer to be called “great” or “exemplary,” but I am a good writer. People find what I have to say compelling enough to read the whole thing, even when I write about something pretty boring.

In any case, I had a respectable following once upon a time. I would easily get 600 unique page hits a day on my first WordPress blog and most of those people investigated a dozen posts before wandering off. It was no uncommon for a post to be popular enough to get a thousand hits in a day. I walked away from all that to gain some privacy because I had chosen to tell anyone I knew about my blog. There came a time when what I wrote was misconstrued and people used it to be catty. I walked away from the blog when it happened again in another setting with another group of people.

When I abandoned  “Green Rootsdown,” my readers obviously didn’t come with me to “AlaisHeart” blog, so it was a super tiny. I liked it that way. There is a certain distraction in having loads of comments to respond to and it’s easy to get caught up in the ephemeral job of pleasing a public (which was still small on Radiances). Loads of comments are fun, exciting and affirming, but it took the focus off my passion, which is writing and loving. When I walked away from GRD, I found I could focus just on the writing and on sharing a journal of my life with Remus, the only one whom I endeavored to please, besides myself. It was freeing.

I am proud of the fact that Poetic Radiance got only 64 unique visitors its first year, who viewed 388 posts. I would not be surprised if I could name those visitors personally. This year, Poetic Radiance had 109 visitors who viewed 527 posts (that’s not counting other ways Poetic Radiance can be viewed). It’s steady, slow growth and it’s been earned because people like my content and keep coming back to read. Given that I’ve been pretty sporadic with posting here, I am proud to have engendered some loyalty and gained some new readers.

Poetic Radiance has followers who don’t necessarily surf over here too. We have 6 followers on our sister Tumblr blog. We have 127 followers on Twitter. We have 22 using the WordPress followers button, meaning they pick up a feed using the Reader from the WordPress dashboard. Besides that we have 155 email followers. Holy Shit, that’s over 300 people reading Poetic Radiance now.

As of this post we have published 679 posts. Our best day of traffic to date was today, September 6, 2015 with 135 visitors and it seems that you like reading on Friday and Sunday nights the best, at around midnight. This, just two years after its inception and with no effort on our part at all to encourage its growth, beyond making a few places to feed the blog such as Twitter and Google+. I have told only two people of this blog’s existence since we began Poetic Radiance about two years ago—only two people. In the years since GRD, I’ve been able to validate myself as a writer. Without reader feedback, I could look at what I wrote and consider its merit alone and its skill technically. I have enjoyed that and I’ve seen my writing become more polished. Well most days. This post is really not much of an example of that. It’s just chatty and off-the-cuff.

I’m happy to see Poetic Radiance grow. It will be a fun ride here. I’m glad to be settling in to build this blog and I will be making a marketing effort now and again if I get a book, poem or short story published. I’ll keep it slow, but sure. I like it that way and if a day comes when there’s thousands reading here, I will be grateful and have fun with it. I’ll still be writing mostly for Remus and I…and possibly our poly partner(s). It will just make it more fun that you like what I wrote too.



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