There will soon be a new domain address here within the next few days.


We’ll now be!


hspeakIn addition, there’s other news. I’m pretty tired of the” Nymphodora” idea. It was a lark and it was an impulse. Not my best idea, but its done the job for the past few years. Nevertheless, I’m done with it. I’m going back to the first blogging pseudonym I ever used for relationship and sex blogging. That name was Shannee. I first had a blog called “Honestly Speaking” back then. It was hosted on Blogger.
christabellWhen I made the move to WordPress, I named my new blog “Green Rootsdown” and used the username Greenwoman2007. I’ve shared the former Gravatar images here from both previous blogs. Perhaps you’ll remember them? Perhaps you’ll remember the one below…

After I got together with Remus, we moved to a new blog called “AlaisHeart” and my pseudonym was “Alais.” 001When I moved here to Poetic Radiance, every one of those old blogs were deleted. Even the old erotica, was done away with. I gave it all up and started fresh. It felt good to leave most of that history and emotion behind. It was too much work to convert all those blogs over. I just wanted to be done with it. I had a new life after all and a very happy one.

I’ve moved around the blogosphere also because I wanted privacy during times of healing tender feelings. That is a reasonable need, but not one I think I’ll need every again. More importantly, I need a pen name for publishing erotica and erotic poetry books. I need to invest myself in a domain, a persona and in a blog for the long-term. I’ve written since 2005 with intense devotion. While I am proud of that effort and I didn’t mind deleting all my work, I’ve very little to show for years of creative effort— almost a decade of writing, in fact. It is time to change all that and invest in building a readership here.

I really liked the name Shannee. It is a derivative of my real middle name and it suits me— as Nymphadora or Dora does not.

Thus, you can call me Shannee. Not sure about a last name yet. I used to use “Green” in that earlier incarnation of my sex blogging. I don’t think I want that last name now, but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when a book publishes (“Blue” seems compelling at this transient moment, but its a bit trite). In the mean time, let me introduce myself….

tumblr_mqkxnlMQGb1rrgft7o1_500Hello, my name is Shannee. I’m a sex blogger and poet. Regular readers will know that this site is focused on my everyday life with Remus, our humor, our juicy sexual encounters, our aspirations for another partner, and the challenges and blessings that every life has.

Regular readers know that I share erotic and romantic poetry here and that I often write about spirituality. None of that will change. If anything, there will be more here about spirituality than before. I have refrained from writing about it because it was so associated with “Green RootsDown.” You’ll also continue to see lovely images, though I’m going to spend some time going through this blog and getting the images linked up to their original owners as best I can. I’ve been lax about that. A published author is more likely to have copyright issues than a tiny blog like this one…and no. None of the images here are of me.

In any case, Remus remains Remus for now. If he wants a change, he’ll speak up, I’m sure. He’s got the ultimate, awesome power to change his user name and then to comment. Any thoughts Remus?

(I still think that the name Remus is fun. Only because it makes Remus frown and that makes me laugh.)




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