Found at http://glitterycunts.tumblr.com/

“May I have knife play please?”

He smiled and a few minutes later, pulled his buck knife out of his toy bag. Smiling happily, he bounced onto the bed knife held in a mock stabbing posture. I laughed and curled into him as the point began to graze my skin, going from the sting of a scratching claw that made me gasp and moan, to tickling that made me squeal and wriggle under him. I looked up at his dear face to see the smile that plays his mouth every time he runs his knife over a woman’s body and she writhes. I love that smile.

He reached around my body, scratching his arousal everywhere he could reach while I was curled against his body. Finally he stood and drew the knife down my belly and made little furrows on my pubic mound and labia. I nearly came just from that, and then he stabbed me with his cock and kept his knife running over my skin while he pumped it in and out of me. I gasped and couldn’t breath, couldn’t do anything else but come.

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