I love to share fabulous writing. Each of these links will take you to meet the mind of great thinkers on one topic or another. I hope you’ll click away!!

Re-examining the Effectiveness of Monogamy as an STI-Preventative” by Terri D. Conley, Jes L. Matsick, et al.


“In the realm of the poem, we can feel our full feelings and it doesn’t have to present as nonpartisan or distant in any way.” In this conversation moderated by Eric Liu, executive director of the Aspen Institute Citizenship and American Identity Program, poets Elizabeth Alexander and Claudia Rankine discuss recent events and poetry’s role in history.” A Video

Some Thoughts On Porn, Coercion and the Fundamental Reconstruction Error” by Franklin Veaux ⇐!

7 Reasons People Withdraw From Relationships” by Peter Zelei of The Good Men Project

“Notes Toward A New Language: On Nourishment” by Cynthia Cruz




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