tumblr_njhip62N1s1sduu6to1_500He was nearly finished eating. “What do you think about a quicky?”

“Oh I don’t know.”

“Well we have privacy just now.” We have a new roomy you see.

“We do don’t we.” That was a statement, not a question.

“Yeah. A quickie would be fun. You know it would.”

He just looked at me speculatively and finished his food. He stood up and I just knew he was going to give me a nice kiss and leave. I gave him a nice hug and walked him to the door, with the usual back rub along the way. He was flirtatious, pushing me against the front door and tweaking my sore nipples. They stay erect for days when I have menses hormonal changes. That makes them incredibly sensitive. He became aroused apparently and said, “Okay, get up there and let’s have that quickie!”

I ran up the stairs and whipped off my clothes and sat on the bed to watch him walk into the room. He stripped down and I suckled him a little to complete his erection and then he pushed me back to the mattress and pushed himself in me. I came almost immediately and several times more before he filled me with his cum. He teased me with his waning erection for a few more minutes before we gave him a rinsing off and got him dressed again for work.

I love nooners!

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