tumblr_nkxxdxtkMK1up8iqmo1_500The other night Remus, was restless– lot’s of trouble falling asleep. He kept tossing and turning. Finally he rolled toward me and reached out to cuddle in a spoon. He ran his hands over my skin, rubbing muscles, smoothing my hair, tweaking my nipples. He was too horny to sleep, it seemed. I rolled half-over from reading my book and asked him if I should “respond with more seriousness or sooth him to sleep. It’s quite late, for a man who has to get up early.”

“Ooooh I don’t know.” He kept running his fingers over my body. I let him know I was enjoying that, but I didn’t get enthusiastic, because he might still get sleepy.

A few minutes later, “Have you made up your mind yet?”

“Maybe.” He kept rubbing my back and tweaking my nipples. Harder now. I rolled on my back. I lay enjoying his fondling and pinching, my forehead against his, waiting for him to make up his mind. He ran his fingers between my legs and pushed them open gently, probing. I sighed happily.

Suddenly, he popped up on his knees and I thought he was going to mount me and have his way. Nope. He shoved the covers down over his hips as he knelt between my legs and took a dive to give me a lovely treat. I did lots of squealing.

He is very good at plying his tongue on girly parts. I was very happy. Thank you Sir…

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