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  • College is absorbing. I’ve got a manuscript I’m working to revise. Its a very satisfying thing- to have written a book. I’m proud of it.
  • I had a gluten exposure while away at college. I’ve had a rash on my leg that stings constantly. Brain fog. Lots of brain fog. Everything is swollen.
  • We will be getting a roomy for a bit. She’s poly, though there’s no titillation brewing. We are simply paying it forward to a nice person in need of a soft place to land.
  • We are happy. Always. Of course the fucking is always pretty neat too… *winks*
  • I am nearly through buying up my hiking equipment. Two more things to get. A water purifying system and a microlight tent. Got all the other goods, including a kick ass backpack.
  • I’m studying Sci fi literature. Its enjoyable. I love the genre and I have a fabulous idea for a story that has all the wonderful customary tropes in it- time travel, space travel, aliens, good vs evil, utopian/dystopian society…
  • Its spring and I haven’t yet got out on my bike. This must be remedied.
  • Remus and I are getting another vehicle and while we’re at it, we hope to get two kayaks with all the kewl gear needful to do that sport. We hope to camp/kayak and bike/camp.
  • I also finally replaced my car camping tent, which I use for longer camping trips for spiritual retreats and kinky camping. It has this excellent screen house attached which is just perfect for setting up our massage table which we use for beating, fucking, and knife play. Yumm…
  • It seems that we just can’t get together with that other kinky couple. She’s got too much on her life-plate these days and spends much of her time away from work sick as a dog. It just isn’t the right time to pursue a partnership with her and her partner as  yet.
  • I asked out a lady friend on a date. She didn’t answer for the longest time and then she blew me off. I am not having good luck with girls, but I am determined to have a girlfriend. Surely there is someone pretty special out there for me.
  • I started a new yoga study with a teacher I love. That feels wonderful!
  • I invested in the equipment for another level of study in my Buddhist tradition. It feels mighty good to have that support in my life.
  • When we get our roomy, she will be bringing her cat. That will give my cat something else to think about. He’s got spring fever and he’s being an utter pain in the ass. If he wakes me up one more time looking to go out or get more canned food, I’m going to empty a squirt bottle on him.
  • I am going to start juicing. I bought a bullet juicer and I’ve been consuming smoothies. They are a cinch to make with this thing! This goes along with reading a new book on healing damage to my body from Celiac’s disease. I hope that if I follow the author’s advice, I’ll feel better and heal my gut. I got a lead on a new doctor too, who works on healing the gut for people with auto immune disorders. Wish me luck!
  • I have ideas for three future books- another poetry collection written about Remus or sex in general that will include some micro fiction also, a book on healing intergenerational trauma and the one I mentioned earlier. I have a significant amount of the poems for that new collection already. I’ll be starting on that project in October and doing research for the other two, including writing a grant.

I’m a writer. Did I mention? *smiles*

Life is good. It will be better when I feel well.

5 thoughts on “My Latest Doings…

    1. Hi Bear, my sincere apologies! I have been neglecting my blog here, while focusing hard on some school and health stuff. The key to a good kinky massage table is that it is washable, and it is guaranteed for the weight requirements you’ll have for it. If there will be fucking on it, the more weight it will support, the more likely it is to handle fucking. Mine is rated for 450lbs, but I would prefer to have one which takes 600lbs. I know folks who have bought from Costco who love theirs. Amazon also has very reliable tables, provided you get one with good reviews and guarantees. Definitely get the guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about collapses. Always check the table structure before using it. Its a good idea to have a stool that will hold a few hundred pounds also. This makes it easier to get on and off the table when the victim is whoosy. Hope I’m in time to help you with your selection! Again, sorry for not realizing you’d commented. I’ll do better next time.

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