is like a mound on the ground,tumblr_mn9yaic4us1rokrt4o1_500
worshipped of old.
It made a baby,
carried and loved it, feared for it,
enveloped and held close inside,
and now this mommy’s belly
jiggles when I giggle and walk.
It rolls when I wail and moan.
Its oval belly button
scarred from tied tubes
has marked the stretches of yoga
and belly dancing,
undulating in passion,
a mound sororal,
eyesome and proud.

© 2015


3 thoughts on “My Belly

    1. Thank you! I subscribe to various word-a-day dictionaries and apps. These words appeared on a particular day when I had love on my mind. I wove them because I liked them. I love to arrange words. Its very satisfying! Thank you for reading!


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