tumblr_lapo5aRGZd1qbmyjso1_500Saturday was a lovely lazy day. Remus and I spent much of it reading. I was also drafting poetry submissions to various literary magazines. Two are submitted so far. I have seven other magazines I’m working on submitting to. Next month there will be a few contests I’ll submit to and toward the end of the year, I’ll have a manuscript entered in several first-book contests. I’m really excited!

Now for our weekend reading from various sources, such as NYT, Bliss Tree, Time and WP. We read some really great stuff, don’t miss any of it!:

In Case Penises Aren’t Scary Enough, Scientists Want To Fuel Them With Spider Venom by Erin Kelly

Just Asking: Bonnie J. Berger on Officiating Same-Sex Weddings-and all the Emotions by Joe Heim

Science Explains Why Men Like Women With Curvy Booties by Macrina Cooper-White

Women in Porn: Empowering or Degrading by Lilly O’Donnell

The FDA’s Crusade Against Lube by Peter Holslin

Pope Francis Has Transparent Views on Trans People by Rev Irene Monroe

When Social Media Companies Censor Sex Education by Amber Madison

Canada’s Trans Rights Bill Now Endorses Bathroom Bans by Mercedes Allen

6 Weird Reasons to Wear a Menstrual Cup That Aren’t About Saving the Environment by Gabrielle Moss

Sexing Up the Human Pheromone: How a Corporation Started a Scientific Myth by Tristram Wyatt

You Asked: Is Perfume Bad For Me? by Markham Held

“What’s It Like to be a Polyamorous Genius?” New York Magazine by Alan

New Male Birth Control is Expected to Hit the Market in 2014 by Alejandro Alba

4 Signs Your Marriage is Doomed for Divorce by Brittany Wong

Living Uncut: On Circumcision and a Lack Thereof by A.Z. Ruiz


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