tumblr_mvmvyr8O221sco4g0o1_500I had a sweet day today. I didn’t do anything exultingly special- just happy special. I spent most of the day alone actually. I got up with Remus for breakfast. I took a morning nap. I got up and chatted with a friend for an hour or so before lunch with Remus. Then I began a nice long afternoon of baking. I love baking days. It’s just me and the ingredients in the kitchen. My fresh spices that scent the kitchen when I open the jars, the scent of yeast rising. Makes the mouth water. I love the heat of the kitchen with the oven on. Especially in winter. I like handling all the nice baking tools I’ve collected. I love the scent of vanilla in my waffles, to see the golden colors when I lift them out of the waffle iron.

I always have a far more ambitious list of goods to bake than what I get done, but I did well today. I made Remus his favorite chicken dinner- baked tenders atop basmati rice with a sauce of gravy, mustard and bacon. It is a dish he gets at work that he fell in love with. I made it for the first time today- a time-consuming dish… It was mighty satisfying to see him gobble it up.

I baked myself some fish too. Got to eat something while he’s eating that chicken. I made a yummy vegetarian soup for myself too. I made nearly three dozen waffles to pop in the freezer. Got a couple of balls of pizza dough done too. I had hoped to add scones to all that, but I ran out of flour. I had hoped to add bagels too. I have a gf mix for those, but I ran out of energy once I got the kitchen cleaned up from the waffles and dinner dishes. They are easy, but time-consuming. Maybe tomorrow.

There is something so satisfying about making good things to eat. It’s also wonderful that I am slowly compiling the tools to make more and more of my food. I’m avid for more attachments for my kitchenaid. The pasta maker (homemade pasta is the best!), ice cream maker (oh yum! and gluten safe too)  and the food processor (my own salsa and shredded cheese!) are top of the list. I want a blender too. I love Lassi and juicing. I love fresh foods, but I’ve never had any desire to can anything and I’m not fond of gardening. Nevertheless, once its grown, I want to make stuff with it and then eat it. It’s a lovely creative process. Almost as satisfying as writing.

It makes me happy to bake. I said that already, but it bears saying again. When I sat down with something to eat tonight, I realized how jazzed I felt. Of course, then I realized that I wanted orgasms with Remus.

Really alotta.

He will smile when he reads that. It’s one of those inside jokes.

So now I’ve tested my brandy new keyboard, I’ma goin’ to bed. Maybe I can talk Remus into some orgasms despite how tired he is. Night all!


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