danceMy test results were nil. No abnormalities to be found. Thus I’m going to get a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. *sighs…* I feel better that I was heard at least. And I feel better that doctors noticed and documented that this kind of thing just ain’t right and that its real. It is good to have such episodes as these documented.

I am less tired. And almost finished with this latest round of antibiotics.

I have other nice news. I’ve got a short list of between break reading that I didn’t get to during my semester. That’s enjoyable. I am nearly finished with my packet. I have one more day of editing before handing it in tomorrow. I learned a great deal. Far more than I thought I had. That is really rewarding considering how much I struggled to get my work done this semester.

Life with Remus is such a blessing. It is a bright light in my life. Before bed last night, we were laughing about a silly picture making the rounds on Facebook. This morning he made love to me. I love it when he wakes ardent for me.

There is something extraordinary about loving. It is not about Remus, though he is so special to me. It is about the experience of love. I makes life hold all possible meaning and joy. Even in the loss of love, loving gives life meaning.

I am happy.


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