Some women with thoughts on self-marriage/self-honoring. The Huffpo video linked to this posts is quite interesting too.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Sologamy is actually the practice of self marriage. Yes, this is a real thing in the world. Here is more on that. Recently I read an article from Japan about a business that actually performs self weddings, complete with flowers and dresses and missing only the groom. Business is booming. Although men can certainly marry their own selves, this is a trend more favored by women.

Sologamy actually started popping up in the 60’s and has attracted some feminist appeal over the years, but recently has become more mainstream and socially accepted.

Needless to say, I immediately want to know how one goes about divorcing oneself? What about domestic disputes? Relationship issues? Are you in a spiritual union with me, myself, and I? How do you deal with conflicts in this relationship? It’s somewhat amusing, but I suspect I could manage to encounter all of those issues, even in…

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