tumblr_mchjcnEbXY1rck5gjo1_500I woke Remus last night. I felt warm with lust all day. We awoke Sunday morning, feeling like two magnets thrust together. He felt sated by our time. I did not. I wanted more. My body couldn’t stay awake though. I slept much of the day and he had his errands to run. Some of them helping out a friend. While alone, I put my hand on my clit and scratched my itch enough to make me fall asleep again. I woke in heat yet again. He wandered home after dark, and settled in to cuddle me. I was sitting in the dark thinking how I enjoyed our party and I had so wanted to join him for a scene he did with this beautiful young woman. I didn’t join him, because I didn’t feel welcome and neither invited me, so I just wandered by the room on occasion. I felt lonely for him thinking of that, so I was grateful and reassured when he wrapped his arms around me and held me close. A while later, we got up to watch 60Minutes. We settled in from of the TV with breakfast for dinner and enjoyed the show. He was getting sleepy of course, so I didn’t push for more of his cock. We went up to bed and he fell almost immediately to sleep. I lay tossing, caressing myself, heated and unable to sleep. I read. I looked at sexy gifs. I read. I got sleepy and then couldn’t go to sleep. I finally rolled to his side of the bed and caressed his cock alive. I rode him. He was close to sleep the whole time, so he didn’t last long. I washed him up, tucked him in. I was not sated. It was a long while yet until I slept. I woke just as avid for his cock as when I fell asleep last night.

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