tumblr_mh6qd1iuJ61qlaztko1_500We are hosting an upcoming play party which I am really anticipating. We’ve invited people who are lot’s of fun to play with, people we’d like to get to know better and those we love already. Of those who are coming, I’ve played with four of the woman, Remus has played with all the women. I’ve not played with many of the men at this point, but we love them and all the other women love them, so there they are. *smiles* I am just thrilled that we have made such great friends!

We have settled into this style of polyamory at present that we play with others at play parties. It is an emotionally safe way to develop emotional bonds with others over time and its an emotionally safe way to learn to trust each other about engaging others. At present we aren’t having sex with anyone else, and neither of us are conducting an additional devotion now either. But this is how we are trying it out.

Remus really struggled emotionally with having his marriage fall apart when we get together. If we go farther than this, it will happen gradually with an individual we choose together that we know well already. In the mean time, I intend to spank some pretty asses, maybe let a man or two who has itched to play with me, try that out, and we will likely have sex together. Perhaps overtly, perhaps not. We’ve done mostly the latter, but with the door open. I hope to watch some sex. That’s always fun too.

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