tumblr_mbcoapHpUY1rrgft7o1_500How do you keep your pussy tight? by _slut___slut_
“One day you’re going to be old and used up and your pussy is going to be at your ankles.”

I don’t think you understand how the vagina works. But if it did happen, wouldn’t that be cool? I would never have to carry a purse again.

“How do you keep your pussy tight?”

I do pussy cardio three times a week. I also do strength training such as crushing your head with my labia so you can no longer ask such idiotic questions. I do about four sets of 30 reps of Labia Crushers a day. Keeps it locked in. I’m already seeing real tone and definition in my pussy without getting “bulky” (cause ew, women being masculine!)


That as a man has sex, his penis actually lengthens? Imagine rolling out a piece of dough! As the tight, vice-grip of the vagina he’s in holds onto his penis, it stretches at a tiny amount each time penetration occurs. The rate of stretching is almost doubled for anal sex!
By the time a man is 45-65 and has had as many sexual partners as he ever desired without social consequence, the penis can become so stretched that it simply breaks away from the body like a lizard’s tail. Then man is then “used up” and is no longer of any use.


Someone mentioned he hopes he doesn’t “go the way of the lizard” but I’m sorry to inform you that ALL MEN eventually “liz out.”
Especially after they have children, the combined stress of all of those years of pouring sperm out of the urethra expedite the process. The best idea to save your penis from being stretched and snapping away from your body like a piece of chalk is to:

never masturbate
never have sex
don’t even look at it

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