tumblr_m8yjerJ2461r43q0no1_500You’ve likely heard the debate is out on female ejaculation. The question has always been whether it is actually pee. Well the debate has heated up for some. Here’s two articles published on the PubMed website: Nature and Origin of “Squirting” in Female Sexuality, and The Female Prostate Revisited: perineal ultrasound and biochemical studies of female ejaculate. Now it is all over the internet that women piss themselves while having sex. Some folks are truly pissed off about this. (Pun intended.) Here’s Kayla Lord’s take on female ejaculate.

For me, I tend to think the study is correct; despite the extreme brevity in its number of women studied. There is a reason for my sense of things. When I am very dehydrated, the ejaculate smells intensely like urine and leaves a faintly yellow color on my towels. That odor is not at all present and neither is the color when I’m well hydrated. In fact, if I drink a glass of water and keep going, the scent is gone almost right away. Now it has to be noted that large amounts of water consumed at once, is immediately dumped into the urinary system because the kidneys use it to flush toxins rapidly. If you sip, that water goes directly to the body’s cells and into the blood stream. This again, supports the doctor’s conclusions. Nevertheless, the key point is that the fluid women ejaculate does contain sexual fluids also. These are not present when a woman urinates.

I haven’t decided if I think this is gross or not. I doubt the gross idea will stick with me after the next time Remus puts his fingers in me. Its sexy, even if there is urine in it. And that’s why I’ve got “cum towels.” In the end, I completely agree with Kayla Lord- I won’t be shamed for squirting.

#notpee – A Sexual Being

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One thought on “I Will Not Be Shamed for Squirting

  1. No shame! And I have a feeling that, as with all things regarding the human body, it’s a complicated issue. Some women may have more urine in their ejaculate, others less. Your flavor, consistency, and amount will be different than mine. And of course, a million other little details. But whatever it is, more than one seven-woman study is needed and even then, as you said, we will not be shamed for it. 🙂

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