boobs-adult-gifs10The Celiacs saga continues. I was diagnosed with Mastitis yesterday. Again. I got it because I was getting gluten in my diet until last week, which depletes my immune system’s resilience. This lets something insignificant get out of control and become resistant to any treatment. It doesn’t stop until the gluten stops.

I am really tired, but somehow Remus and I still manage to have fun. Last night, I dragged myself away from the desk where I’d got not one jot written at all. How I’ll pass this semester, I’ve no idea, but I was too tired to think about it.

I laid down on the bed, next door to the office where Remus and I were staring at our computer screens. A few minutes later, I called to Remus to come cuddle. He did. As he got in the bed, I worried he’d hurt my breast, so I was protective of it while he settled in. Of course that was cause for teasing. He put his mouth close to my ear, knowing this fills my ear with the heat of his breath which arouses me. He whispers suggestively, wantonly, “I want to suck your nipples.” My instant response is “Gross! It’s all full of yuck!” He kept on whispering that he wanted to suck my pus filled nipples in the same arousing voice. This totally freaked me out of course, but with his antics I was laughing helplessly. He kept on whispering until I was trying to squirm away. Of course, held me down and kept whispering until I started making some odd sounds from the odd combination of laughing, arousal and being grossed out. When I did that, he started laughing too and let me go. We settled in for our cuddle and both of us were soon snoring away. He’s so good for distracting me from feeling sorry for myself or frustrated.

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