tumblr_mjlx8yzqNA1rz4u3so1_500I will soon be well. Though I bet you didn’t even know I was sick. Well I have been very sick. In fact my immune system all but crashed. I’ve had infections in my breast, systemic infections, none of which would respond to medications and to top all that off, my whole body is having an internal rash which would have risen to the surface within a few more days of getting gluten in my system.

The source of the gluten you ask? Oh it was the Synthroid! That’s right! The company supposedly in the business to help people be well just decided to stop making their drug gluten-free. But did they bother to inform any of their prescribing doctors so that patients could be kept safe? Of course not! So thousands of dollars later, a mammogram, an ultrasound, five appointments with my GP, a date with a surgeon at the Breast Care Center (and counting because I have two more appointments upcoming which I have to keep in case things don’t resolve simply and easily), all that gas and time getting to all these appointments (which wouldn’t have been necessary had I known about the gluten), I self diagnosed. I had a gluten reaction being masked by a daily double dose of Claritin. This is not to mention three months of suffering and pain and an affected learning experience at college because I haven’t felt well enough to learn. And people wonder why I have a great deal of cynicism about the health care system!

But the good news is that I will soon be well. We found another company which does guarantee their thyroid hormone replacement drug gluten-free. I sing huge praises for my pharmacist!!! She helped me figure it out and she was prompt!

I am deeply grateful for my strong body. This could so easily have been a life threatening situation. Way to go body!!!

I am just as grateful for Remus who has reminded me to keep moving, to keep my humor and to take good care of myself when I was too tired to care.

It will take a few weeks before all these symptoms subside, but they will subside and then the infections will simply disappear and I’ll feel well. I would do an hour-long snoopy dance, but I don’t have the energy yet. I’m going back to bed…But with some music. 🙂

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