tumblr_me2kc4eAYS1r8bs07o1_r1_500The world is hard to take lately, with all the wars, the climate problems, the racial atrocities, the greed, human and civil rights violations, the indifference to it all. I feel overwhelmed. There’s so many things that are wrong with this world, I feel I am losing sight of humanity. I feel powerless to change things. I feel an apathy and a sense of overwhelm about it all.

The most recent horror is watching cops kill a man on video. A man who said he couldn’t breathe and then they didn’t indict the man. What is wrong with the world?! It makes me want to go live somewhere else, but if I watch the news, it seems that the world is filled with a madness…so where would I go? What part/country in the world is peaceful, and sans a corrupt government? Is there any such place? Running away really doesn’t provide any answers, because corruption and violence spreads like a disease across the earth.

How does one deal with these issues? What can we do? That’s a burning question for me the past few weeks. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

I find myself trying to be grateful about little things in my life, to buck up. It’s all I know to do today. I hope that tomorrow I’ll feel less fear and sadness about it all.

Today, I am grateful for my life, for the people I love, about getting my professional website to work. I am glad to see progress with converting two older blogs ready to upload to that professional website. I’m glad it’s a sunny day. The sunshine feels very good. I feel blessed that Remus will be home in just a couple of days. I’ve missed him.

Strength for tomorrow…Let’s turn the wheel of fate on these issues…Let’s do it. Let’s find a way.

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