tumblr_n0zdnukw9x1t2wi5uo1_500My man is hours from here. He won’t be back for a week. I miss him.

My kitty is warm comfort thankfully.

The news has not been happy of late, with so many riots, so I read my poetry and pray that the world gets softer than it is.

I have whiled away some hours this evening, when normally I’d have shared time with Remus, by tinkering with the social media for this blog and linking it here or there, as the case may be. I really am going to start publishing erotica. I just have to write a book of poetry and a play or two first.

I suppose I should start soliciting a following. It’s just I am lazy about social media most of the time. It is also a supremely boring sex blog subject. I am just burbling because I am feeling a bit lonesome in the night. Too much time alone. Next week will be quite busy though, so I am not complaining.

Anyone out there ever read Audre Lorde? She’s my current poet of study. My current theme is the erotic, womanhood and devotion (flagging or not). Life is supposedly busy, but I am not doing much today.

It makes me smile though.

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