tumblr_m6tr6sOp5x1qiwn9jo1_500Remus is traveling…and we had a nice quickie before he left. It was so nice to feel him inside me and cuddle with him.

I had a busy day yesterday after dropping him off at the airport. Between appointments, I stopped in to the library. I sat reading for a while. As the time went by, I had an intense sense of arousal and desire. It was almost painful. I tolerated it and tried to ignore it, but it was getting the better of me.

I finally went into the bathroom and rubbed off.

I have never done that before. It made me laugh at myself.

When I got home later last night I was so horny again, that I had to rub off again before I could go to sleep. I woke up in the night feeling just as horny, so I did it yet again.

When I woke again a few hours later, I rubbed off before getting up to exercise and meditate. And now I feel the urge again.

Guess  my sex drive is reasserting itself after a year of stress and worry.

Its kind of nice, but I am remembering how distracting it is.

But it is kind of nice….and so…Here I go again with rubbing off. This time beside our dining room window.

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