tumblr_lxpadhqm4P1r33gvho1_500Remus let me take his pants and shirt off. I nuzzled and caressed his skin. I moved on down to suckle his balls and lick his cock. He leaned back and closed his eyes to savor my touch. I love rolling my tongue around his shaft and head. I love how he tastes. I love the little noises he makes when it feels good. It feels good to suck him into my mouth hard and feel his cock touching the back of my throat. We enjoyed that a while, me on my knees, him in his reclining throne. In time, I asked him to move off the recliner and lay on the thickly carpeted floor with his head pillowed. I pushed his cock toward my juicy slit and settled down on him. I presented my breasts on his chest. He smiled, delighted to play with them and ran his hands over them, before pinching my nipples. For a long while I rode him, cumming now and again. He laid and let me do the work. At last we came together and I washed him up. It was so sweet.

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