My worry has gentletumblr_mke1yfTr7F1rrgft7o1_500d. My nuclear scan for thyroid cancer has shown there’s no thyroid cancer cells. My blood markers for cancer are also nearly nil. This is all while my blood work for thyroid hormone in my body was super high and they wanted it to be low or hypo when the nuclear scan was done. This is wonderful news!

I will revert now to frequent reviews for the next five years. In the follow-up sonogram, they again found a fishy lymph node, but its tiny and it hasn’t changed size in the past month, so they will let it be. Even if it showed something, they would just do surgery. The kind of cancer I have is non-aggressive, so they won’t be aggressive in their follow-up on this node unless there seems to be change in its size or my blood work shows changes.

I am so happy!

I am tired from the anxiety of it all too though, which is why you aren’t seeing a jumping for joy kind of celebration just now. I’ve got a cold from spending time at the hospital a great deal last week…so I am just low energy. Plus I look ahead to a full schedule this month still because of medical appointments, extra-curricular classes, some appointments to try to get my voice back fully and my college semester starts this week. I am excited about that last, but I sure would like another week of rest before I get back in full swing with course work, but it is so engrossing and fun that I cannot complain seriously of its immanent start. My mind is full of plans and I’m so excited I am nearly packed almost two days early.

Life is good.

As for Radiance here, I have enjoyed  putting together this blog very much. I think it came together to have an understated elegance and sexiness that’s still a bit playful. It’s exactly what I wanted. I have used this blog to study all the hurdles involved in branding a blog presence and developing social media in anticipation for taking my real-name blog into the world with the intention of selling writing, rather than sharing my thoughts in the relaxed ways I’ve done in years past. The big difference between these two blogs I have will be a move for my real-name blog from a dot com WordPress site (like this blog is) to a dot org WordPress site. That means I have more work to do behind the scenes to keep the blog running than I do now.

It was fun setting this blog up. And it was a great deal of work; but a happy labor of love. My other blog will be just as wonderful to work on. I’ve already got the process of that under way. Perhaps it seems dull and boring to the non-professional writer, but its wonderful stuff to plan for if you love to write and you love blogging. I’ve even had fun researching a template to use on my real-name website. Did you know that it’s quite a pain in the ass to find a template that is wide enough for poetry lines? And its even more a pain in the ass if you want a side bar, a footer, a special header that can be branded and you want it all to look nice on various size screens. I didn’t even mention the ascetics of it all either. If I had time, I’d design my own. That would be a labor of love all by itself, but I just don’t have the time in the months to come. I fully intend to do that at some point in the future, because designing, setting up, writing/editing content and web upkeep is a legitimate writing career, which I don’t mind making money at. I’ve taken courses to do all this, but I am not very good at it yet. I need a great deal of practice; thus what I’ve done with this blog has been with the intent of future work.

Well anyway, it’s a gorgeous day and I’m heading back out into it to cat-nap in the sunshine. Thanks for celebrating with me!


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