This song came out the summer I realized I would have to end things with my husband. The song reminded me that I would get on the other side of my pain and that I would regain my gratitude again. Knowing that before you hit the full volume of pain is useful, hopeful and sweet at a time when all else tastes bitter and ashy. Six months later, I found myself putting almost all I owned into a storage unit and becoming homeless. I couldn’t have needed the message of this song more. I used to sing it at the top of my lungs. When I wasn’t crying…now I sing it and smile.

This song reminds me of living in a condo with Ginny, my beloved friend and ex roomy. It reminds me too of borrowing a neighbor’s car to hit classes and in exchange cleaning his house. Life was good and simple then. I am reminded of smiling and that is good any time in life…it is especially sweet of late when I’ve known too much worry.

I am officially on the other side of thyroid cancer. No one has declared me cured. They don’t do that any more. Cancer is a part of life once you get it, but you can be officially in a percentile that doesn’t get recurrence of tumors for the following decade. That’s what I am…so these two hopeful songs feel nice…affirming. Maybe I will hunt some more…

My message here? Good times and bad times come in waves….

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