tumblr_mjr86e1Uc41rrgft7o1_500I have the flu the last few days, but what I don’t have is thyroid cancer showing in my nuclear scans. Thus I am cancer free at this moment in my life. I ended up with the flu tramping around the hospital for tests last week though, so I’m sitting home alone tonight nursing the flu. Remus is off doing some social things, we normal do together. We have a fetish social group we enjoy very much together. So tonight he’s playing on his own and I’m nursing my sick self and watching reruns on Netflix. He went without me because he was slotted to do some teaching. I wish I felt better so I could have joined him. It would have been nice to beat on someone and to enjoy seeing my friends. And then again, I’m really tired and am quite glad of the quiet.

I ate too many cookies and didn’t sleep enough. I didn’t get enough sunshine, but did get lots of quiet time.

Another day or two of this and I will be quite restless!

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