tumblr_l2itbnWoyn1qa9ofpo1_400I got up today and wandered into the bathroom. I sat bleary-eyed, staring vaguely straight ahead while my bladder emptied. Slowly I came awake and realized my eyes were roaming the shape of Remus’s naked body. He was leaning against the sink to hover closer to the mirror while he shaved. His broad shoulders and narrow hips looked so good. I wiped and rose to step to the counter where I keep a jug of water and a glass. I drank some water, watching him in the mirror, rubbing the electric razor over his face. He made funny faces and looked sleepy, but he was watching me a little too. I put down the glass and stepped behind him, pressing my face to his spine and brushing my fingertips across his skin. I took a deep breath breathing the scent of his skin into my soul, and enjoyed the textures of his skin. It was so sweet. I stood there a few minutes and felt him shiver and make little happy sounds as my fingers brushed all over him. I stood there until sleepiness reclaimed me and I had to go back to bed.

I wanted to keep going, to draw him back to bed to ravish each other. So often of late, this is as far as we get. I’m lonesome for him…

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