tumblr_m8gawkPiZu1r2an97o1_r1_500We had an apple for lunch today. I had munched away on them until there was less than half the apple we were sharing left. I finally pushed it across the dining table and encouraged him to the rest. I went back to reading my book and before I knew it he was pushing the plate back over toward me. Atop each slice he’d placed a flavored potato chip which he knows that I can’t have because of food allergies. He grinned and laughed like an enchanted boy, utterly gleeful that he’d claimed his territory. *shakes head and chuckles* He’s such a boy…(which is another running joke.)

Domly dudeness extends even to the little things I guess. I thought he was cute. I’ll have to take a cue from him when next I want to lay claim to it. I’ll just put olive tapenade on it. That’ll ensure its all mine.

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