2I9GYNdKKefe3yyzkq6ooZk2o1_500I am proud to say that I made up my recipe. It’s utterly delicious. I prefer to serve it topped with the customary croutons or bread pieces and a few slices of Cabot Horseradish cheese melted together with the soup. And on the side I enjoy some apple slices and a nice green salad. It’s just the yummiest combo. I’ll note that I don’t use formal recipes. My recipes are processes:

Pick your pot. Fill it 1/3 full of sliced onions, one apple chopped (unpeeled is just fine) and a half stick of butter. On medium-low heat, gently and slowly sauté the onions until they are clearish and soft. Next add a dash of celery seed, a dash of wasabi powder, a dash of white pepper, a dash of minced garlic and four to five bullion cubes or the equivalent broth. You want to fill the pot  until its half full of fluid (water or broth) and continue a low simmer for about four to six hours, adding water/broth as needed to keep the pot half full of water. Remove from heat. Let cool over night and then simmer again with a little more water, keeping the pot half full until the stock becomes thicker and darker from the ongoing reduction (which can’t happen in a crock pot and why I don’t make it in a crock pot). That will take about another two to four hours. The cooling period, lets the onion flavor fully infuse the water/broth. The extra time develops the reduction further and makes the soup thicker. All soup tastes better after an overnight rest for that matter.  In the last ten minutes of heating, if you aren’t a vegan, you can add a half cup of milk to make the flavor taste richer.

Bon appetite!

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