This is a lurker’s meme so we can get to know you…

  • Do you blog too? (here’s your chance to drive a little traffic your way. Please note this is for fellow poetry and relationship blogs, not the general marketer!)
  • Favorite pizza topping:
  • Favorite love moniker:
  • Tell us your favorite way to do Self Massage:Because daisies are the friendliest flower and because we are pansexual in ethic if not in personal desire. Blessings to folks of all persuasions!

__Fur glove

__Caressing with a harsh object

__Oil slick fingers

  • Proudest non-erotic moment:
  •  Self Spanking? (Y?N)
  •  If so which is best?

__# Nipples

__# Clit/Penis

__# Bottom

  • Who can you count on best in life?
  • A random (pg rated) factoid about you that makes people laugh:




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