Remus is a very experienced and skilled Top for playing kinky. I am his first submissive. Topping isn’t the same as Dominating. I’d say he’s a natural because he keeps his place. It’s in the little things.

I’m a natural dominant. The majority of the relationships I’ve had in my life were with me leading the show. I may have led from the back of the room with many of them, but I led. Sometimes I dominate without thinking about it. It’s in the little things.

Last night I wandered into the bedroom. Its summer, so we are in the cooler, downstairs (normally guest) bedroom. That bedroom has its own bathroom. Remus had dropped his pants on the bathroom floor and was standing attention before porcelain and I wandered in, as I said. I was immediately zoned in on the opportunity to tickle him. Tickling him on his butt cheeks while he’s peeing really tweaks his lizard brain. He either starts laughing helplessly or he grabs whatever is tickling him to prevent the activity. The site is not important. Grabbing and stopping said tickling is, when this lizard response is activated.

I was hoping for the laughing.

What I got was the Domly Dude making his grab. He held me there while he finished his business. My hand was captured, so I tried to get away, still using my teasing voice. He squeezed. Hard. I had to remind him that I need my hand. He didn’t break or bruise anything, but it hurt.

I did not use the other hand to continue the activity. He kept asking me if I wanted to continue in his best Domly Dude voice. I assured him that nope, I was content to let the whole thing go. As soon as he heard the dominance leave my voice, he let me go.

I scooted out of the bathroom with him grinning in triumph. I was grinning too. Because I lost. With him and only him, I like being number 2. It’s kinda fun.

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