I love when he’s happy with me. He finds ways to say incredibly wonderful things that are out of the ordinary. Last night’s was, “You light up the room.” Of course he was also complaining that I had the light on while he was trying to sleep, but he could easily say that my light was waking him up. Instead he paid me a compliment while he lodged his request for less light in the bedroom so he could sleep. It should be noted that this lovely remark was made whilst he was mostly asleep.

I’m still smiling…

We had a nice weekend together. We spent some time with friends at a play party. It was a lovely time. We did some knife play, a lovely hand spanking and then made love. It is sexy to make love near the company of others.

After we went to rejoin everyone else who’d elected to play in the living area instead. I joined in a spanking scene that was very fun. I love giving my lady friend a beating. It’s sexy to go from being his juicy cunt to sharing an opportunity to spank a very sexy ass.

Afterward, our friends stayed overnight and when we all got up in the morning, we had a yummy breakfast. I was thrilled to get up and find it mostly made too. As they were leaving, my friend gave me a hug and I said to her, “You are fun to spank.” She got her very adorable saucy submissive look and flung a saucy remark that referred to something I broke last night…I just laughed. Had she been my submissive, I’d have given her a swat. It made me smile.

Remus did lots of gardening yesterday. It looks pretty out there and it’s getting more beautiful every day. We put in our vege garden. It felt good to put my hands in the dirt.

Today the sun is shining so beautifully. I spent some time studying on the back deck after he came home for lunch. I have a good life.



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