tumblr_m0yypeg3O61qadkeno1_500This beautifully sunny and chill winter day began with a trip to the doc. It’s part of a treatment I’m getting for thyroid cancer. This week should be the end of the ongoing focus on my health treatments for cancer; barring the regular scans to ensure there’s no recurrence over the next few years. It has been only a bit of a drag, and not nearly as uncomfortable, nor nearly the hassle I feared it would be upon diagnosis. It’s certainly not been a bowl of cherries, but I have little to complain of really. My health is steadily improving as I recover from the surgery. The scar is less noticeable from my surgery. The iodine free diet I’m on until Friday is really the worst of it…but even that is doable with a little creativity in cooking…life goes on. I am deeply grateful for all the many blessings…and top of my list is my family, friends and Remus.

Truly the biggest recent event going on in the lives of Nymphadora and Remus is that Remus’s father passed away. We’ve been visiting with his family for the past week and its been a pleasure to get to know them better…though I wish it had been for something more fun like an anniversary or something. Nevertheless, Remus got to see family he’d not seen in a long while and he saw some old college and high school friends. It was a bright spot in the week. He certainly has a huge family. I think I’ve mastered his siblings and their partner’s names, but I mostly forget the names of cousins, aunts and uncles…There’s just too many of them.

I feel especially grateful that this time has brought Remus and I closer. I feel blessed with this huge expanded family I find myself a member of now. I feel blessed that Remus appreciated my presence so much during this time. I feel blessed that I liked his family so much and that when my son visited with them, he was welcomed as family too.

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