tumblr_kzinm5960Q1qz906xo1_500 Timely Rain by Chogyam Trungpa:

In the jungles of flaming ego,
May there be cool iceburg of bodhicitta.

On the racetrack of bureaucracy,
May there be the walk of the elephant.

May the sumptuous castle of arrogance
Be destroyed by vajra confidence.

In the garden of gentle sanity,
May you be bombarded by coconuts of wakefulness.

That was a humorous poem aimed and turning the other cheek. Bellatrix and I? Well we have both looked in on each other on the internet. I don’t know what her intentions are in looking in on me here or anywhere else she may do that… I don’t know why she’d want all her friends to bear witness to my thoughts here. What does that gain her? I only know what my intentions are when I look in on her. I do it to check on her happiness. I sincerely really want her to be happy. Despite all the water under the bridge and all the hurt between us, I see you Bellatrix as Angelina in fact. My payoff for surfing to her sites comes when I see some little thing shared that made her smile. That makes me happy.

The thing is? I see her still being angry and hurt still. We still see that she won’t share community settings with us and her children still feel they have to show loyalty and not like or see Remus any more. It’s a sad, sad thing. Thus I wonder why she’s been reading the blog we used to have…and it led us to move the blog to Poetic Radiances. It’s simply better for everyone. Its time for her to move on. Its one thing to look in on Fetlife and Facebook posts where things are edited for public consumption…but here? Here is all about the Inside of Remus and I. It is not for Bellatrix.

And that’s all I need ever say on this topic I should think…So here’s a little entertainment for you to surf to next.

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