I roll over and find the sheets and light blanket balled up between us. His butt and back are snugged against me and there’s not much bed left to lay on. He has the quilt pulled mostly off me. The quilt has been tugged off the bottom of the bed and is bunched up around his ears. He obviously kicked everything off in his sleep at one point and then got cold again, pulling the quilt over himself and that’s all. As this wasn’t enough, I became the heater.

My shoulders are cramped and aching from huddling under too few covers, and I have to pee so I get up. I come back and cannot find enough room in the bed to sit up comfortably to read myself back to sleep. I decide the only solution is to remake the bed around him enough to get him to scoot over. He wakes up to me doing this around his body. “What are you doing?” His voice has an irritated whine that turns into a dominant demand for information.

“Fixing it so I can get you back on your own side of the bed. Apparently that will require you to be warm enough to give me some room.” He looks around at the bed and sees he’s way over the midway mark in the bed. “Oh…Such a girl!” He flops over to go back to sleep on his own side of the bed.

“Yeah,” I whisper, “and you are such a boy.” I tuck him back in, kiss him and then climb back into my now roomy side of the bed with the book on my phone. I know he’s not asleep yet, so I rub his back gently and soothingly. He makes happy noises and eventually he goes back to sleep.

With all other people in the world, such sleeping events have pissed me off.

Not with him. It just makes me smile and feel grateful that I get to sleep beside him and wake up next to him each day…

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Together

  1. It’s just the opposite here. I’m the heater who gets only a corner of the bed. The other week she was complaining and said we should get a king size bed. I ask why? One corner is just as much space as another. She had to laugh because its true, no matter how big the bed is, she has to sleep on top of me. But when she’s not in the bed with me, I can’t sleep… πŸ™‚

    peace and love


    1. I miss Conor too when he’s not in bed with me very much. I think this might just be a universal truth for couples. Peace to you too… πŸ™‚


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