My body is in conflict. On the one hand, I am a healthy, normal adult woman in her sexual prime. On the other, I have a thyroid that’s causing many upsets in how my body functions. I’m intensely desiring Remus. I want him to trail his knife and his fingers all over me. I want him to practice his arts at breast play and spanking. I want him to tie me up and kiss me everywhere and look at me with all the desire he’s capable of. I want him to ply his fingers such that he’ll make messes for several feet around me. I want his hardness for a long, long time. I want to experience his Dominance and my submission. I want to revel in our love…and my body is exhausted. I hesitate to have any wounds just prior to a surgery…or to tire myself further by having any wounds to heal before surgery either.

How frustrating!

Even more frustrating to be very aware of Remus’s desire for me…He doesn’t even have to express it. I can tell. His body responds. His eyes tell me the story.

It’s so sweet that we feel this way for each other. I am grateful. I am so avid for my body to be healed!


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