Remus and I spoke recently about beginning a play partnership with someone who is a member of a couple. The four of us are already friendly. I’ve enjoyed their and her friendship for the past year. We’ve got a tea date very soon. I’m hoping we can discuss their recently declared interest in having an open relationship…and our tentative interest in exploring all that with them. More when I know it…but I do want to express here my emotions about it.
I want a tender intimacy with another woman. I want it to be sensual and affectionate. I want there to be erotic exchanges, but I’m just not sure of the nature of it. I know that I want to share this; to be emotionally vulnerable with Remus. I want something that enriches my love and intimacy with Remus and his feelings for me.
I have no other specific desires about this…but I do know that I feel safe with this woman I speak of. I wish to let my emotional connection with her deepen and to not try to force it in any certain direction…to encourage that trust and friendship.
I like her partner. I relate to him and I feel comfortable with him in her life and with the friendship he seems to feel for Remus and I. Both of them have expressed interest in our friendship and company. They have pursued our time and friendship with equal enthusiasm as we’ve pursued theirs. That’s a very good place to be, even if this tentative curiosity about her as a more intimate companion doesn’t come to anything more than it already is.
Remus asked that we remain monogamous until he was divorced…to not complicate our relationship until such time as his life was less complicated already…and to give us time to deepen our trust. I acceded to his wisdom on this. I hadn’t even considered this woman seriously, until their recent decision to explore polyamory together. As she and I have played together several times already and we’ve spent very good couples time together, we’re looking forward to this tea date very much. More when I know it.

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