tumblr_mjlx8yzqNA1rz4u3so1_500It starts so simply. I just decide to get the bottle of lotion and put it on his dry skin. I’ve thought we both aren’t taking very good care of our skin. We’re both covered in callused and neither of us has kept our skin smooth with lotions or oils this summer. So we were watching Netflix and I thought it would be a perfect time to put some lotion on us both. I load up my skin and when I’m done, I get his feet, his knees, his hands and his back. He is glowing when I’m done…that warm look is in his eyes and by the time we’re ready for bed, he’s in a cuddly mood…and ready to take his place with me.

“I want you on your knees…”

There’s a dance between us. He responds to my submission and I respond to his erotic energy…his desire for me…his interest in touching me, playing with me, being erotic with me.


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