tumblr_mqkvyeZ8Hg1rrgft7o1_500 Most of the time, pornography is showmanship. It’s not a real interaction between two people who I get to be a voyeur with…which is how I actually like my pornography if I bother with it. I’ve got a really fine imagination. I don’t need pornography to become around. I like tasteful, artistic erotic photography; especially black and white. I find a single image is plenty to get me thinking. Often I’ll see an image and be able to view in my head an entire post or an entire scene in which I’m a participant…or more often than not I can see myself in that image instead of who is actually in it.

The video presented in this post is a rare enjoyable exception to pornography. It is an embedded video…and I hadn’t noticed any security issues when I viewed it. I enjoyed it. Now I’m horny! 🙂

One thought on “Visuals

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