July has been a wonderfully super busy month. There’s been almost no time for writing about anything anywhere…and I’ve enjoyed the break. My trip was fabulous. I felt fulfilled by it on so many levels and emptied out in all kinds of good ways. I came back exhausted and happy. I got my unpacking in order and then went to work sorting the house out for hosting family for a wedding. It was a lovely wedding too by the way. The food was fabulous! The day had perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. The accoutrements for the party were all lovely and tasteful. Everyone in the wedding party had artful, stylish and gorgeous clothing…the bridal party was beautiful and none more beautiful than the bride. I was so happy for them. They are a lovely couple and it was a great party. I think the best parts were seeing everyone celebrate them so enthusiastically and dancing with Remus. I loved that party especially.

Since then, I’ve been resting, attending to my neglected course work and doing volunteerism projects.

The stuff that’s been going on for me has all been deep soulful stuff that just doesn’t seem to fit here in terms of writing…but I can say that I’m very happy.

I’m becoming super excited about this next phase of my education when I’ll be immersing myself in the study of the word…I want to be a freelance writer. That means a little business, a little marketing, and lots and lots of writing practice of all kinds…with a special focus on journalism and novel-writing. Despite my run-on sentences here, (used for making you feel you’re in my head) I do know how to kick-ass with the word when I exert my editing efforts.

I have longed for this all my life and I’m enjoying learning.

I feel my life is only just beginning and I’m on a grand adventure. What could be more exciting?!


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