I got a new phone finally. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S III. I like it. I do miss the big screen for reading, but I don’t miss the size of the Note in terms of its bulk as a fun. It is much speedier than the Note and the apps have more features. Over all, I got a great buy…especially since I shopped at Costco instead of the store of my carrier. What a deal!

I have spent far too much time setting it up…all those apps, updates, syncing, settings, downloads…oy!

But I do really like the phone.

Okay…now my phone gushing is done.

Classes start for the summer today. It shouldn’t be terribly taxing. Hopefully, it won’t be boring…but I’m quite happy to have a summer off in terms of taxing my mind.

I started a vege garden with Remus yesterday. I really enjoyed making it and planting our tomatoes.

I should be getting my first diploma in the mail soon. I got a note from my college saying that I’m guaranteed acceptance from my new college of choice. I love the college system I chose for that reason.

Remus is sharing his new oak desk with me. I like it!

My tasks for the next couple weeks are classes, painting things, organizing stuff and files and fluffing/primping the flower gardens. I love when life is super simple and relaxing and that’s what these tasks are.

Remus and I went for a little drive in NY the other day. I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see the Vermont mountain range from a distance. Usually it’s the Adirondacks in NY that I see. Both are beautiful.

Everything is green and life is good.





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