poutThe other night Remus was in one of his teasing moods. (Actually, now I think about it…it’s a rare day that he’s not in the mood to tease me. I guess that’s beside the point to this story though…) He was standing with his nice bare ass pointing toward me as he brushed his teeth before bed. His wonderful ass is incongruous with the sounds of his electric toothbrush. Now, I admit that I’ve made it a habit to tease him about his tooth brushing sounds. It makes funny mouth sounds as he moves it around. I have started to mimic it. The title of this post should give you an idea of the sounds…just to point out how very fun it might be to mimic him….

I should pause in this story and admit that we share the bathroom during all bathroom duties and this was no exception. I was in there teasing him whilst having a sit down with my book…and teasing him…and I was in a rather vulnerable position… which I failed to notice. Which he took advantage of.

There I am, all enthroned and having a grand time, looking at my book…”MrrourrrmmMrrourrrm….”

All of a sudden my head is rattling. I’m being held down while he uses his vibrating chin to torture me.

And it is torture. I really dislike vibrators. Alot. All one word for emphasis.

Which is why he was doing it.

I couldn’t get away because I was half way through my sit-down business and I couldn’t stop laughing and I couldn’t move far enough away to get out of reach. He had the height advantage and perfect freedom to reflect my move. I however sat glued to the toilet. A  movement too far, could be gross, thus I endured.

There are times when there’s little dignity in this power exchange.

At least for me.

So there I was…

Getting a head job…

And laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

I laughed so hard I thought I would wet myself.

I laughed so hard I thought I would shit myself.

Oh yeah. I’m already enthroned.

Good thing too…because the laughter was becoming a problem for my belly muscles to manage.

Did I mention I was being tortured with a head job? Yeah…MrrrourrrmMrrourrrm. With this odd grinding sound of his chin on my skull which reminded me of what an engraving gun sounds like on  metal…and this odd bumping sensation too. Oy! Not to mention the vibrations. Ew!

He was really pleased with the result.

I have ceased to tease him about mouth noises whilst on the throne.

Every so often, he mimics his own noise to remind me that revenge is sweet.


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