247073We spent the weekend enjoying the forest in New Hampshire. We looked for water….ponds, rivers, waterfalls. They were gorgeous. It felt splendid to wake to the sounds of birds singing. It was glorious to be in the sunshine and in among all the trees…to drive around a bend in the road and see the mountains reaching into the sky with the trees just budding out on them. I was enchanted…relaxed.

We took many pictures.

And then my phone slid into the rapids.

We fished it out, but I don’t know if it can be repaired. I’m phone-less for now. There is something freeing about not being tethered to the thing though. I had even become a slave to the many alarms on it, reminding me to do this or that. Now I’m following the rhythms of sun, hunger and desire. It’s rather freeing…but I do miss my eBooks and I miss knowing I can text or talk to someone I love when I want..

I am on vacay though. And I’m enjoying that. And I’m savoring the deep satisfaction in achieving a goal I’ve worked toward for years and wanted my whole life; to have a college degree. I’m just really proud of what I achieved. I feared I couldn’t do it and not only did I do it, but I did it well. I am looking forward in great anticipation to my next degree now. It feels like an adventure.

I have small plans for my time…mostly painting and writing and exercising. I sit far too much for studying. I’m avid to get away from this pc more and get moving…and I’m avid to do some writing just for me. I have a goal to write 3 articles and shop them around. I’d also like to get started on another writing project I’ve had in mind for years. My vision involves interesting a photographer in my project, so that will be great fun if I can find the right personality and creative energy.

Life is good…


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