7RGgy4cxiiy197mymEsqL1ILo1_400We had guests this weekend. A close friend on Friday night for BBQ. The warm southerly breeze was wonderful and so was the company. It was a delight to catch up with my friend. She’s very dear to me.

Then we had a small party to prepare for. Remus and I had the fun of making the house gleam. The party itself was light-hearted with the highlight of me telling the story about the silly things Remus does sometimes. Everyone got a real kick out of it. And then he said some stray remark about how he slipped his cock into me and I blushed before the whole room.

I don’t seek these moments of shy embarrassment. But I really love feeling vulnerable to Remus like this. It is a vulnerability that I almost never allow with anyone else. I am very controlled and so it is a rare submissive experience in front of others, though I notice that Remus can bring this out of me quite easily if he chooses to. He of course got a real kick out of my blushing self like he always does. It was a rare revelation of our dynamic and I enjoyed people seeing us that way.

Remus is pleased deep down inside by a clean house, by seeing me feeling and behaving submissively. He woke very ready to reward me on Sunday morning. He drew the covers from my body and slid his fingers into me and proceeded to create tiny geysers. The room filled with the scent of my pleasure. He rose up and placed his cock over my mouth. Over and over he worked orgasms from my body and thrust his cock into my throat. I could feel my throat stretching, aching. The same kind of aching that happens when emotional pain sweeps through me, but gets stuck in my throat. That I can feel that sensation without grief is so erotic to me…It was making zings of arousal all over my body before rushing into the pool of my pussy for another geyser. His face turned to mine as he watched his cock taken deep into my throat, groaning as gagging gripped the tip. He gave generously to my pleasure

In time, he drew his cock from my throat and then turned to whisper into my ear in a guttural, aroused male voice, “I love to use my wet…(punctuated by another geyser)…tight…(climbing atop me)…sweet…(taking his fingers from body and placing his cock at the entrance)… cunt!” (and plunged into a fist of coming cunny)

It turns me on so much when He speaks to me like that. I desire His objectification. When He builds desire for Him like this, I feel both holy and profane…I feel as if the small tunnel of pleasurable sexuality that I’d normally refer to as pussy or vagina expands up into my chest and draws my mind there where I ache with love. His thrusting draws my heart into one place that slides juicily around His cock…knowing nothing and feeling free…just sheathing Him…holding him close, loving him.

He was so aroused by my writhing, gagging and squirting that he was more than ready to come. “My tight…wet…sweet cunt.” He rammed it into me and I gripped him, forgetting to be aroused enough to orgasm myself. I made myself as tight as I could get and became his cum receptacle…my voice full of arousal, low and earnest, pitched just loud enough for him to hear me…”Thank you Sir…Thank you…Thank you for using me…” I know saying that arouses Him further, but when I feel like his devoted slave like this, I am only a sheath worshiping him. I don’t thank him to cause his arousal, but to sincerely and utterly thank Him for this experience, for loving me, for taking me into this completely vulnerable place of submission.

In the right moments, the dynamic of dominance, submission, pleasure and mutual approval between us joins with the constancy of love and friendship between us. It is beautiful and I feel filled up. I feel fulfilled. I feel right with the world and with myself and with Him…and I feel yearning to kneel before him and adore him…to worship his cock, to give of myself without fear or holding back. Such intense emotion lingers in me for hours or even days. And while it does, I’m more than willing to kneel and worship him again.

Later that morning, we retired again to relax awhile longer in bed together and he fucked His throat and cunt again…and the passion I felt earlier, flowed all through me freshly. No fingering…no geysers, just Him. Just His cock and the submission I feel for Him and the sense that my mouth, my heart and my cunt were nothing but a devoted sheath for His cock. I am struck over and over by how effortlessly this can flow between us sometimes and when it does, it makes me desire him all the more…

That desire lingers today. I tingle still and feel myself swelling to recall these feelings, my clit and nipples have become erect as I write this. My mouth is watering for the taste of Him, my throat aching for the feel of Him stretching me to accommodate his cock. I wish I could feel his gaze on me, amused or lusting and always loving.

I know I gush over Remus like that geyser my body makes when he touches me. I know this. It is to the point of being smarmy…but this journal is about our love and this is what is in me to express. In this moment, what I yearn to do is kneel in front of him and be Taken.


3 thoughts on “Worship

  1. This was written with a very erotic flare. But it was the way you express your love that made this so enticing. Your husband is a very lucky man… 🙂


  2. I’m new to being submissive, and I know I will never be what a lot of people consider submissive, because of my dominating nature. But when I do submit, I share the wealth of feelings like yourself. Love this piece…


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